Sunday, August 21, 2011

first diary entry

This is my first diary entry so it wont be exciting.Well today iwas bored util nilly 11:30 then my sister Emily said on facebook what ya doin today i sais nithin then i said take Me,Reasha and Jaycob to the beach so we did.she took us to the beach.....when we got there we all just sat there than i took sum down tothe water so everyone followed.About half an hour later me and summer went shell hunting and reasha started to run to the rocks then my brother jaycob followed her so the they went crab hunting me and summer stayed back and kept picking up shells then reasha and Jaycob come running up they say to me we ffffffoooouund aaaa bbbabbby ccrrrab i said cool.......then they said come look so i did GOD it was boring then Reasha yells omg that is a masive crab then it went in its hole dam i didnt see it.So we walked back to my big sister got all clean and went home in the back seat all you could here was this and that

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