Sunday, June 20, 2010


I have always wanted to play netball for fun but netball season is over but finally i have a netball!yay!I am going to play netball next year in sted of dancing i am over dancing.follow the monkey vine!


  1. Hey Lace, That's an awesome netball! It looks just like the ones that my netball team uses. Next time I see yas, we'll go to netball courts and play. Did mum tell you I play netball at work every Thursday? It's lots of fun, and good exercise. I didn't know you didn't want to dance anymore! But that's ok, you can dance whenever you feel like it anyway. Blake and I always play music and dance around in our house, its fun. Make sure you follow my blog!

  2. hey lace...Thats really cool you wanna do netball!! You will be brilliant at it, just like you are at every thing else :D Very true what kirst can dance whenever you feel like because you want to and go CRAAAZZZYYY. hehe. Nice looking I can always keep up to date with what your doing. Love ya xx